Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Affordable DIY CCTV System

Korean and Taiwan made. Far more stable and superior than China made.
Why should you risk your loved one using inferior al-cheapo products?

When it comes to safety, there's no such thing as cheap skate.

Installer, contact me for dealer pricing.

IDS Alarm Pakage Pricing ~ Jan'10

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reliable Home Alarm System (Wireless)

SPECIAL OFFER! (contact us for special price)

With every purchase of Home Alarm System you are entitled to purchase the External Siren Box with stroke light at a special price, in a single order.

As it is powered by electricity, a small hole will be drilled on the wall to connect the External Siren Box to a socket point inside your house. Installation is free of charge.

The Home Alarm System is a full-featured, customisable security system that connects in a fraction of the time required by hardwired systems. No complicated wiring or cabling is required! Just plug the main unit in, mount the wireless sensors in the designated zones you want to protect and teach the system your phone numbers!

  • The easiest way to safeguard your home - no cables or wires to install!
  • Uses a sophisticated Hopping Code Technology that prevents duplication. of your Remote Control’s frequency
  • Automatically calls your hand phone with a recorded message when your alarm is activated.
  • Arm or disarm your system with a remote control, or with a phone call from anywhere in the world.
  • Totally customisable - you can expand it to meet your security and lifestyle needs.
  • Just dial the installation hotline, a technician will be sent to install your Home Alarm System free of charge.

The Home Alarm consists of:

  • 1 unit 8-zone wireless central Control Panel with built-in siren and an autodialer.
  • 1 unit Siren Unit - a supplementary built-in siren.
  • 3 units of Magnetic contacts with wireless transmitters - for doors and windows that open out.
  • 6 units of Vibration sensors with wireless transmitters - for metal grills and fixed glass windows.
  • 2 units of Remote Controls for arming and disarming - no need to remember numbers (or forget them).
  • A how-to-video that walks you through the installation. The entire System has been pre-programmed for your convenience and a fast installation.
  • A comprehensive owner's manual - details programming instructions, suggests escape plan and provides a guide to planning your home's security.
  • Other accessories

The Home Alarm System is designed to perform basic three tasks.

The system consists of a central Control Panel that monitors the various entry points in your home. If an intruder is trying to break into your house through one of the protected entry points, the system will detect this and will trigger the siren.

When the intruder triggers any one of the components, either the magnetic contact or vibration sensor, both the Control Panel and Siren Unit will sound immediately and have a 102dB piercing siren that will deter the intruder from continuing with the break in.

When the transmitter sends a signal to the Control Panel about the intrusion, the system will then call the 3 pre-programmed phone numbers which can be your hand phone or office phone, to warn you of the intrusion.

Home Alarm Key Features

Features Benefits
Wireless Technology
  • You install it, you control it, take it with you when you move. You have privacy.
  • Easy to operate. A remote control is always at your disposal. No password to remember.
  • Lower costs of installing.
  • Fast and easy Installation.
  • Lower risks of lightning damage.
Hopping Code Technology
  • An advanced feature to prevent burglars from duplicating the Remote Control's code.
  • Every time you use your Remote Control, a different code is used.
Auto-notification system
  • This system will call your 3 pre-programmed phone numbers to notify you or anyone you select when your alarm is triggered.
  • The system also allows you to call from any phone to arm or disarm the system.
Panic Button (button 2)
  • You can press the button 2 on the Remote Control to trigger the siren manually during an emergency.
Silent Dialling (button 3)
  • You can quietly call for help without triggering the alarm.
  • Especially convenient for elderly or handicapped members of the family.
  • All you have to do is press button 3 on the Remote Control and it will immediately alert the pre-programmed numbers.
Bypass Zones
  • When you have visitors in your home, they may come back late. Instead of giving them your Remote Control, you can opt to disable Zone 1 and 2, allowing your guests to enter through the main entrance whilst the rest of the other Zones are armed.
Chime Mode (Zone 8)
  • During the day, your system may not be armed but you would like to know if the back door or roof hatch is opened. The Magnetic Contact assigned as Zone 8 will notify the system, which will beep you, without setting off the siren.
  • You can choose to disable the siren in the Control Panel to prevent the baby from being startled by the sound.
  • The siren alarm from the Siren Unit will also sound if the system is triggered.
Battery indicator on the transmitter
  • All transmitters are battery powered. When the transmitter (for the Magnetic Contact and Vibration Sensor) battery becomes weak, the light turns to orange, then to red, to indicate the battery needs replacement.
Flexibility in adjusting sensitivity
  • You are able to adjust the vibration sensitivity on the Vibration Sensor according to your home environment.
Expandable and programmable
  • You can expand it to suit your security and lifestyle needs.
  • Additional sensors can be purchased separately. A maximum of ten sensors can be programmed in each zone.
  • If you need additional remote controls, the system can support up to 80 units of remote control.
An Extended 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • If there is faulty workmanship, parts and manufacturing defects, all repairs and replacements will be free of charge.
Lightning Guarantee
  • If your system is struck by lightning, a replacement will be given for the damaged part.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wireless Alarm System - China Made

Even though I'm not generally against "Made in China" products but in certain department we do have to make certain of the quality and reliability of the product that we use. Extra especially if that product is stuff that we rely our family safety on.

But understandably well that some of us might not have the extra buck to go for a well branded alarm system. As far as the saying said, it's better than nothing at all.


Key Functions:
* Call you (and other 7 sets of telephone number : total 8 sets of number) when violated
* You can performed remote instructions through you phone's keypad when being called;
* You can ARM THE ALARM REMOTELY THROUGH TELEPHONE if you forget to arm before leaving your house

* 100% wireless configuration
* Convenient operation by remote control
* 10, 000, 00 inlet RF pin sets maintains high reliability
* Simple accessory expansion by automatic recoding
* Late-night mute remote control
* Remote control realizes detection by areas
* Automatic dialing of 8 pre-set phone numbers
* Alarming detection area cue tone for remote monitoring by telephone
* Digital high-fidelity voice message recording, automatic replaying
* Phone line cut and damage alarming
* Remote Detection On/Detection Off setup or siren triggering by telephone
* Active or passive remote monitoring of the site via telephone
* E2PROM information protection, power cut won’t cause damages to data
* Automatic switch between AC and DC ensures uninterrupted operation of the system
* Expandable RF relay module enables the activation of other RF accessories after alarming
* Standard cable alarming signal interface
* Compatible with computerized community alarm processing center, smart community alarming network may be established
* Timing arm/disarm by remote control
* Shared 6 zones LED by wireless and wired zones, special 24-hour emergency alarm zone LED indication

* Wireless Coverage Range: approximate 100M line-of-sight
* Main unit power supply: DC 12V/400mA
* Standby current: 50mA
* Alarming current: 400mA
* Service conditions: Temperature: -10oC ~ 50oC; Humidity: <80%
* Radio Frequency: 315Mhz +-75K
* RF pin set: 1,000,000 non-repetitive pin set
* Number of expandable RF naccessories: 60 (including the remote RF controller)
* Loudness of siren: 105dB

Package Content:
* Main unit x 1
* Slide-cover RF remote controller x 2
* Micro RF remote controller x 1
* RF Portal Magnetic Sensor x 2
* RF IR Sensor x 1
* Power Supply Adapter x 1
* High-loudness siren x 1
* Phone cable x 1
* User manual x 1

Add-Ons (per unit):
UPS Adapter (with 24 hr Backup Battery) Upgrade* : RM20
Siren : RM23
Magnetic Sensor: RM35
Infra-Red Motion Sensor (PIR): RM58
Smart RF IR Sensor (PIR): RM78
Vibration Sensor: RM49

Wireless Strobe Light with Siren + Power Adapter: RM99

This system suit apartment and terrace house pretty well. For renter, you can simply bring it along to any house that you move to in the future.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Branded Home Alarm System (Wired)

Looking for a cheap maintenance, reliable and with imported CE (Europe) standards alarm system for home?

This brand is used alternatively between other major brands such as Texecom, Paradox, etc by CMS provider such as ADT, A&A, etc. So, rest assured of it's quality.

IDS-408 Alarm Panel by Inhep Digital Security

• Four Programmable zones
• Expandable to eight zones
• Programmable zone loop response time
• Fifteen user codes
• Stay mode
• Extra panic zone on the keypad
• Four programmable Auxiliary Outputs
• Separate Entry and Exit Delays

This panel is able to connect to:
• Smoke detector (Fire)
• Infrared motion sensor (Movement)
• Photo beam sensor (Object blockage)
• Vibration sensor (Shock/Vibration)
• Door magnetic sensor (Door/Window open)
• Glass break sensor (Sound of glass break)

Alert abilities:
• Will call to preset house owner or CMS (central monitoring security) when alarm is triggered
• Alarm share the same telephone line with Fax machine and able to disconnect other concurrent call to make call out when alarm is triggered.
• Phone line monitoring.
• Alarm will trigger if the wiring is tampered while ARM.

Keypad features:
• Modern design keypad to complement a wide range of deco.
• The backlit keys for operation in the dark.
• Keypad door to prevent accidental false activation.
• Intelligent Design for simple, no fuss user functionality.
• Single key major operation is possible.
• Activate "Chime Zones" so that the keypad will "beep" if the selected zone is violated when alarm is not ARM.

Advantages over wireless alarm system:
• Costly maintenance as battery on the wireless sensor need to be replaced yearly.
• Most wireless alarm is not designed to be connected to a smoke detector
• Wireless sensor connection is limited (for wire you can loop for as many as you like)
• Wireless distance limitation
• Some components will still need to be wired eg: siren and keypad
• Wireless signal may be interrupted by other radio wave frequency

Package A (RM899)
• Alarm panel 1 unit
• LED Keypad 1 unit
• Metal Cabinet for panel 1 unit
• Vibration Sensor 2 units
• Magnetic Contact 2 units
• Motion IR sensor (104deg & up to 12m) 1 unit
• High Power Sirens 1 unit
• Siren Box 1 unit
• Strobe Light 1 unit
• Tamper Switch 1 unit
• 12V 7AH Backup Battery 1 unit
• 16.5V Transformer 1 unit
• User and Installer Manual

Package B (RM1099)
• Alarm panel 1 unit
• LED Keypad 2 unit
• Metal Cabinet for panel 1 unit
• Vibration Sensor 10 units
• Magnetic Contact 4 units
• Motion IR sensor (104deg & up to 12m) 1 unit
• High Power Sirens 2 unit (Outdoor & Indoor)
• Siren Box 1 unit
• Strobe Light 1 unit
• Tamper Switch 1 unit
• 12V 7AH Backup Battery 1 unit
• 16.5V Transformer 1 unit
• User and Installer Manual

Add-ons (price per unit):
• Magnetic : RM5
• Vibration : RM8
• Motion PIR : RM65
• LCD Keypad : RM190
• Siren : RM35

• Strobe light : RM30
• Backup battery : RM80
• 16VAC AC Transformer : RM35
• Remote receiver with 3 remote controller : RM120
• GSM module : RM690

* This product is 12 months warrantied against manufacturing defects.
* Item will be send using courier service.
* Price stated is excluding shipping fee (TBC before delivery, approx RM60)