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Reliable Home Alarm System (Wireless)

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With every purchase of Home Alarm System you are entitled to purchase the External Siren Box with stroke light at a special price, in a single order.

As it is powered by electricity, a small hole will be drilled on the wall to connect the External Siren Box to a socket point inside your house. Installation is free of charge.

The Home Alarm System is a full-featured, customisable security system that connects in a fraction of the time required by hardwired systems. No complicated wiring or cabling is required! Just plug the main unit in, mount the wireless sensors in the designated zones you want to protect and teach the system your phone numbers!

  • The easiest way to safeguard your home - no cables or wires to install!
  • Uses a sophisticated Hopping Code Technology that prevents duplication. of your Remote Control’s frequency
  • Automatically calls your hand phone with a recorded message when your alarm is activated.
  • Arm or disarm your system with a remote control, or with a phone call from anywhere in the world.
  • Totally customisable - you can expand it to meet your security and lifestyle needs.
  • Just dial the installation hotline, a technician will be sent to install your Home Alarm System free of charge.

The Home Alarm consists of:

  • 1 unit 8-zone wireless central Control Panel with built-in siren and an autodialer.
  • 1 unit Siren Unit - a supplementary built-in siren.
  • 3 units of Magnetic contacts with wireless transmitters - for doors and windows that open out.
  • 6 units of Vibration sensors with wireless transmitters - for metal grills and fixed glass windows.
  • 2 units of Remote Controls for arming and disarming - no need to remember numbers (or forget them).
  • A how-to-video that walks you through the installation. The entire System has been pre-programmed for your convenience and a fast installation.
  • A comprehensive owner's manual - details programming instructions, suggests escape plan and provides a guide to planning your home's security.
  • Other accessories

The Home Alarm System is designed to perform basic three tasks.

The system consists of a central Control Panel that monitors the various entry points in your home. If an intruder is trying to break into your house through one of the protected entry points, the system will detect this and will trigger the siren.

When the intruder triggers any one of the components, either the magnetic contact or vibration sensor, both the Control Panel and Siren Unit will sound immediately and have a 102dB piercing siren that will deter the intruder from continuing with the break in.

When the transmitter sends a signal to the Control Panel about the intrusion, the system will then call the 3 pre-programmed phone numbers which can be your hand phone or office phone, to warn you of the intrusion.

Home Alarm Key Features

Features Benefits
Wireless Technology
  • You install it, you control it, take it with you when you move. You have privacy.
  • Easy to operate. A remote control is always at your disposal. No password to remember.
  • Lower costs of installing.
  • Fast and easy Installation.
  • Lower risks of lightning damage.
Hopping Code Technology
  • An advanced feature to prevent burglars from duplicating the Remote Control's code.
  • Every time you use your Remote Control, a different code is used.
Auto-notification system
  • This system will call your 3 pre-programmed phone numbers to notify you or anyone you select when your alarm is triggered.
  • The system also allows you to call from any phone to arm or disarm the system.
Panic Button (button 2)
  • You can press the button 2 on the Remote Control to trigger the siren manually during an emergency.
Silent Dialling (button 3)
  • You can quietly call for help without triggering the alarm.
  • Especially convenient for elderly or handicapped members of the family.
  • All you have to do is press button 3 on the Remote Control and it will immediately alert the pre-programmed numbers.
Bypass Zones
  • When you have visitors in your home, they may come back late. Instead of giving them your Remote Control, you can opt to disable Zone 1 and 2, allowing your guests to enter through the main entrance whilst the rest of the other Zones are armed.
Chime Mode (Zone 8)
  • During the day, your system may not be armed but you would like to know if the back door or roof hatch is opened. The Magnetic Contact assigned as Zone 8 will notify the system, which will beep you, without setting off the siren.
  • You can choose to disable the siren in the Control Panel to prevent the baby from being startled by the sound.
  • The siren alarm from the Siren Unit will also sound if the system is triggered.
Battery indicator on the transmitter
  • All transmitters are battery powered. When the transmitter (for the Magnetic Contact and Vibration Sensor) battery becomes weak, the light turns to orange, then to red, to indicate the battery needs replacement.
Flexibility in adjusting sensitivity
  • You are able to adjust the vibration sensitivity on the Vibration Sensor according to your home environment.
Expandable and programmable
  • You can expand it to suit your security and lifestyle needs.
  • Additional sensors can be purchased separately. A maximum of ten sensors can be programmed in each zone.
  • If you need additional remote controls, the system can support up to 80 units of remote control.
An Extended 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • If there is faulty workmanship, parts and manufacturing defects, all repairs and replacements will be free of charge.
Lightning Guarantee
  • If your system is struck by lightning, a replacement will be given for the damaged part.

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